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Candy Lei

Candy Lei

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Introducing the vibrant and festive Candy Lei, the perfect accessory for graduations, birthdays, luaus, or any celebratory event where you want to add a sweet touch of joy and color. This unique lei is meticulously handcrafted, intertwining the traditional symbol of aloha and accomplishment with the delightful surprise of edible treats. Each lei is a kaleidoscope of colors, made from a variety of individually wrapped candies that are favorites across ages, ensuring that there's a sweet treat for everyone's taste.

What sets our Candy Lei apart is not just the quality and selection of candies used, but also the attention to detail in its construction. The candies are securely fastened, ensuring they stay in place, while the lei itself is designed for comfort and durability, allowing it to be worn throughout any event without worry.

The length of the lei will vary from 40”-45” inches and design may vary slightly depending on package and addons.

**ALLERGY WARNING- candy will vary for both Party Mix and Spicy Mix may contain nuts**

Any orders received after May 31, 2024 will have a pickup or delivery date after Wednesday, June 10, 2024.

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